Building a portfolio site

Here’s something for folks planning to apply to Startup Life.
A lot of people have made their own portfolio websites to support their application and to stand out from the LinkedIn-only crowd. Especially for business students and designers it’s also a great way to demonstrate some knowledge in basic web technologies, a highly valued skill in here.
At Backlift (company I’m interning at) we’re building a platform that makes it quick and easy to build websites. You just click a button, we’ll setup a website and share the HTML and CSS files with you via Dropbox. The site is live immediately and you can update it just by modifying the HTML in Dropbox, no need to setup servers or learn command line tools.
So, I made a template for showing off your projects. You can either go with the default layout, or edit the HTML in any way you like. Get started here: (see demo here)
Oh, and if you need any help, feel free to shoot me an email to Also, when you need to setup a your own domain (premium feature on Backlift), let me know and I’ll set up a Startup Life discount 🙂

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