Dinner with Mårten Mickos

We had a great opportunity to meet and have dinner with one of the most successful and experienced Finns in Silicon Valley, Mårten Mickos, who currently is the CEO of Eucalyptus Systems Inc. Mårten has been a friend of Startup Life from the beginning and this was sort of a nice reunion, now with a fresh batch of interns.

Good times!
Good times!

We went over to Cafe Pro Bono, and had a real good time. During the dinner, Mårten restated his most valuable lessons along the way – fail fast and that anybody really can make it big. In case you want to learn these ideas yourself, too – check out Mårtens latest talk while visiting Aaltoes last year on Youtube.
After the dinner we headed back up to the city, where out night continued. Thanks Mårten for a great dinner!
This was a post by Tatu, who is a Startup Life intern at Lookout Mobile Security. Follow @tmakijavi on Twitter for his latest posts!

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