More Startup Lifers: New York Edition

Startup Life in New York is also getting reinforcements. After one year of program’s inception, following Vuokko and Panu – we have two more amazing people joining NYC startups. If they can make it here, we’re pretty excited to see what they’ll do in the future. As for the companies – New York City is a center for media and advertising, as you can see also from our startups there – Adcade and Medialets this time, Adsafe Media a year ago.
Tuomo Knuutinen
Tarmo Knuutinen
Tarmo is a fourth year information science student from University of Oulu. This summer, he will be changing the capital of Northern Finland to Capital of the World while he is joining Adcade, a mobile advertising company with a HTML5 rich media platform. Tarmo worked last summer as a project lead in a small web development team and now it’s time for him to join a fast-paced New York startup and craft the future of mobile advertising.
Fernando Leon
Fernando Leon
Originally from Colombia, Fernando is currently studying for a masters at Aalto University’s International Design Business Management program. Now, he’ll become our business guy in the Big Apple, as he is joining Medialets – a company building a rich media advertising platform. He has already a lot of experience in marketing: he has worked as an account executive and viral marketing manager and he has also co-founded a startup before.
That was all for New York for now. Stay tuned as we’ll reveal some more of the Silicon Valley Startup Lifers next week. In case of you haven’t already checked them out, see the first five run here.

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