5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Apply for a Job in a Startup

People keep going on about how awesome startups are. Well that’s all fine and dandy but let me tell you why you should NOT apply for a job at a startup. Here’s a little expose of the, not so rosy, dark under belly of startup life.
-Reason No.1-
People might depend on you and you might have to take on a lot of responsibility without ANY preparation to take it on. What’s worse, no one will tell you what to do, you just have to figure it out and keep moving. Even worse than that, you might feel so responsible to everyone on your team, that you end up pushing yourself to try to deliver beyond what you feel COMFORTABLE with! It’s like they FORCE you to learn!


-Reason No.2-
You will most likely have to learn a lot of what you do on the go, because often times there’s no one else who has done it before or who would know anything any better than you do. Aren’t there processes you ask? NO! They’ll make YOU come up with them as you go along!! It’s like they give you a compass, a map that’s about as accurate as printing the world onto an A4, THEN tell you we need to get from here to there and THEN just say.. GO!


-Reason No.3-
Every single day in the office is different! What ever happened to appreciating structure? To a set task list? To coming into the office at 9 and leaving at 5 knowing what you’ll be doing? One day you come in late and leave early, the next you come in very early and leave very VERY late. Some days are good, some are bad. And then It’s like something happens to your brain where you end up spending long nights at the office and you think its FUN?!?!


-Reason No.4-
YOU WILL BECOME PART OF A CULT!! This is a dangerous one. You start to think that you are on some larger mission, AS IF there is something more than having a job and making some money driving you and your colleagues – whom you start to appreciate as friends and fellow cult members on some SILLY PIPE-DREAM!! More than just co-workers!?!? Challenging you every day??


-Reason No. 5-
This was confirmed to me by one of our founders who said, and I quote: “You have to be a bit of a dumbass or a bit insane to start a company.” DO YOU NEED MORE PROOF!! These people are audacious enough to think that the world should be made a better place and that if they don’t do it who will. That there is value in building something new and you might even get rich in the process? Dreamers!! Overly positive, optimistic, relentless, perseverant, energetic, inspired CRAZY PEOPLE full of Joie de Vivre! Who in their right mind would want to work with that??
Who indeed? 😉
– Nippe
Startup Lifer #22

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Nippe taking it easy at the Dolores Park, after a rough day living the startup life
Nippe taking it easy at the Dolores Park, after a rough day living the startup life

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