Being the Business person in a Startup

So you decided to join a startup, but don’t have the slightest idea about your role in the organization. While everybody else is focused on building the perfect product, coding, designing and producing away, you’ll feel like the black sheep of the family. How is your success measured compared to your teammates’? Is it the number of deals closed or the amount of revenue created? Hardly.
What you will be doing as the business guy or gal, is going to be focused on how to get the most out of the potential business models in your reach as well as planning the distribution strategy. If these issues aren’t figured out, you’ll end up having a great product but nobody knows to want or need it. Whoopwhoop!
One of your most important tasks in a startup is therefore to form and manage relationships with external stakeholders. There are relationships that you will need to have secured already before it’s entirely clear what your product will be, as these relationships will help your company and product to develop further. You will be cold calling customers and potential partners, managing customer support, answering inquiries and analysing these relationships and their productivity though different marketing tools (such as google analytics). You will be the guy or gal coming forth with suggestions and conclusions based on these metrics. Finding the target audience and actually reaching them should be one of your primary tasks. Based on the data collected and analysed with various marketing tools, are you reaching your potential customers? Are they interested in your offering? And if not, why and what can you communicate to the engineers, designers etc. to fix this?

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Another important point when working as the business guy or gal in a startup is to always keep your eyes and ears open. Most of your colleagues will be dealing with improving the product that will keep them occupied most of the time. You will have to be the informant to your co-workers constantly keeping them updated on current trends in your market. If something big is about to happen, it is important that your company is in the loop and that it is able to adapt to the coming changes – planning campaigns and running promotions accordingly.   Reading between the lines and snatching up the most important pieces in random chatter is key when looking for this information. Intensive networking is therefore required  – yes, this “unfortunately” includes loads of parties and business lunches with customers.
What you will be doing in Startup Life in a very concrete matter of speaking is delivering the best of breed customer service, creating and developing customer relationships, thinking outside the box to help build brand recognition, developing valuable strategies to ensure customer retention and growth, identifying opportunities and pathways for campaign success, and much, much more. Many of your tasks you will have little or no experience with, but you will learn how to execute fast and fearlessly. This truly is the chance of a lifetime to develop your skillset while having the time of your life getting to know likeminded people.
Seriously, what could possibly keep you from applying?

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