5 Must Read Tips Before Applying

Everybody has had this happen to them before: you send in your application that you carefully poured in hours refining your CV and cover letter and you received no reply in return. Here at Startup Life, we do things a bit differently, we are aiming to help as many of you with your applications. While the startups in question are the ones doing the final hiring, we want to ensure that all of our applicants present and communicate their expertise in the best possible way.

When you are applying to the Startup Life program, you are not only applying to the greatest startup program ever, you are also getting something in return – valuable feedback. Here are some tips and strategies to follow when you are applying.

Make sure your Linkedin or other online profile is great
Put a picture, get endorsements, and recommendations. Ask for them from your superiors, colleagues and classmates, from different stages of your education and work experience. Make sure that LinkedIn is public- it’s classic rookie mistake, what is the point if no one can see it? Haven’t you heard? Resumes are dead, read all about it here: https://startuplifers.org/no-more-resumes/
Strut your stuff
Show us what you have built. Is there any material online about your amazing projects? Can you provide links to your products or research projects you’ve been working on? Can you show the exact features of the product you’re responsible of? Articles that you published? This is the part that demonstrates that you are awesome so make sure startups see it.
They will google you
This is not a myth and even if it might be controversial and against the law in some countries, employers do it all the time. So show your blog, twitter & facebook profile, even your pinterest account if you think its relevant. The startup is going to google you anyways – so make sure your online presence is clean and transparent. If you are embarrassed showing your profile to your grandmother, then you are not ready to get a job.
Show the ambition and motivation
Usually when we apply for jobs, we tend to give good info about skills, education and past experience. But what makes a candidate stand out is their ambition and motivation. Every startup wants to find entrepreneurial people who are passionate about the problem they’re trying to solve. You need to tell them you’re that person. Not only that you want to move to Silicon Valley. After that, your experience will do the selling for you.
Start thinking like a startup
Check out our intern guide– a hands on guide for all people who’re preparing to join a startup. The business section at the end has many ‘assignments’ that can give you some inspiration how to communicate your skill set.

Startup Life is your best friend to help you find an awesome startup where you learn the best. If you are curious about anything related to startup, shoot a question to natalie(at)startupsauna.com

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