Anna at Asema "Stepping out of the comfort zone"

Sometimes life goes into unexpected paths. For me that unexpected path was to go and work in marketing for a technology start up called Asema Electronics this summer. Asema produces devices which makes a home truly energy efficient. With Asema’s products you can control your home appliances but also monitor how much you spend electricity.
I’m not the typical person working in a technology company; I’m very interested in businesses that you might think being as far away as possible from the technology business. Professionally I have been interested in fashion and design business for a long time now. But this being said, I wouldn’t think anything better than working in a technology start up.
Why I think so, is that nothing teaches you as much as going out of your comfort zone. And being a soon to be Master of Economic Sciences I think I need to get out of my comfort zone as much as possible to gain wider experience and to understand what it is that I’m really good at. I have to admit that working in a technology company means that I’m constantly trying to figure out what all the technology terms actually mean. And even though I try to civilize myself with the complicated tech terms, it’s still possible that I don’t fully understand what’s the current topic of discussion. But I also get to know a whole new industry that before was unfamiliar for me. And I really think that we have a lot to give to each other. I’m really looking forward to the new possibilities this summer
and my experience with Asema might arise. I hope to give Asema some of the  creativeness I possess and help them communicate how great products they have with their future customers. And I also hope that my position at Asema teaches me more about marketing and what needs to be done to successfully launch a product portfolio into consumer market.
I think that I came to work with Asema at the best and at the most interesting time. Asema is just about to launch its products into consumer market and it’s amazing to experience what needs to be done before that is possible. My path with Asema has only just begun so I can’t really tell you more about what I’ve learned and achieved but what I know that after this summer I’ll be smarter, bolder and definitely will step out of my comfort zone more often. Stepping out of the comfort zone is actually not as scary as you might think.

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