Into the World of Hackathons: Raimo on SupperHappyDevHouse

Last Saturday I managed to participate in my first half-day Hackathon. Me, Mikko, Sanja, Ilkka, Otto, Mari and Sanja’s friend Patrick met in Palo Alto Creamerybefore the hackathon called SuperHappyDevHouse. Hackathon is a collaborative event where several programmers or programming-related people gather to do cool projects in the same space. The idea is to form an environment where people feel productive in comparison to staying alone at their homes. That certainly does improve the productivity of all people if you count the number of distractions during the day, but hopefully everyone is able to enjoy the atmosphere nevertheless.

Our group had all kind of various targets for the afternoon and evening. Some people wanted to just see or learn something new and some people had their own projects which to continue developing. Me and Ilkka decided to have a look at a multiplayer car driving game I had created on HTML5 Canvas during 2011. Ilkka started to make some graphics to it and I decided to rewrite the server side in NodeJS (originally Ruby and EventMachine). Here is a picture of a phase in the design process:

The hackathon space had all kind of other equipment for releasing the stress and help refocusing on the work. There was a dancing game, two large screens with FPS games, snacks, drinks and huge pile of legos for releasing the stress:

The social aspect of the event was quite ok, even though we mainly concentrated on our projects and didn’t ask people what they were working on (probably the best way to brake the ice in these technical meetups). I even recognized some people from San Francisco in the event. In the end we saw really awesome lightning talks from various technical people. Here is a photo of one of them:

That’s all. Feel free to ask anything about the SuperHappyDevHouse, the Startuplife project or the HTML5 cargame we’re creating.

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