Startup Life from Sanja: move fast, break things

Two months spent in Silicon Valley seem for me as much longer experience, and at the same time it feels too short. Too short for the reason that I would not want to leave from here so soon. Much longer —- since so many things have been happening in my life, probably more than for the past year outside Silicon Valley.

In my case everything started from a Facebook post by Linda (one of the organizers of StartupLife) posted to a common group with me.  I mention that, since it seems that this is exactly the way things happen here in Silicon Valley. Not surprisingly, everything is about technology: it connects people, it gives opportunities, it helps me to find ways by myself to the new places, to find cafes, shops… My company, SEVEN Networks, is working on Mobile Technologies. Thus from Caltrain where most of the people are riding using their laptops, kindles or phones, to the work place —- I am constantly surrounded by technology.  And I love it, as for an IT girl, it feels the right place to be. And I am constantly learning!

Working here is different and good —- the employees are much taken care of. Though, when it comes to a deadline, nobody is questioning the need to come on weekend to the office! But on the way, you can enjoy healthy food of California (lots of salads , fruits, fish …), sport terrains just outside your office and sunny days.

Meeting people to hang out with and friends also come so naturally and easy. Pleasant comments from the strangers on the street, or chatting with a person on the train are just normal things. And btw, those people could be VPs of some company you admire, PhDs from Stanford or PE who used to work for NASA past 10 years! And as a part of StartupLife, you will also have your own “batch” of people, those whom you can plan fun trips with or rely on them if sometimes necessary. 

More than that, for those wanting to learn and find out about current trends and innovation, there are tons of events happening literally every day. The only trouble is to pick those among them that you want to attend. You might get a chance to attend seminars at Stanford, NASA,  Berkeley or to visit companies such as Facebook, Google, DreamWorks. And those are just my experiences. 

And I haven’t mentioned so many things… You just need to come to see and experience it yourself. If you are ambitious, active, or just calm and taking stuff easy —- you will find your place in Cali!

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