Startup Life with Nelli: five things that make me happy

I arrived to San Francisco exactly a month ago. To summarize, the past 4 weeks have been absolutely fantastic. As there are simply too many topics I could deep-dive into, I might as well write about things that make me happy. Small things and big things.


1. Euca 

I feel very lucky and happy I can intern at Eucalyptus Systems. I am part of their super-pro sales team learning cloud computing software sales. Very, very exciting! The product is hot (software for turning datacenters into private clouds), the industry is at a very interesting phase and I have a unique chance to learn from the cloud computing supermen and –women.


2. Pace

There’s something about working in a high-tech startup. Or maybe it’s how people usually work in Silicon Valley. Or maybe it’s just Euca. Nevertheless, the energy and positive drive at work are simply irresistible. People are super responsive, prompt, efficient and professional, without losing their sense of humor and politeness. Information and best practices are shared non-stop.  There is no hierarchy for the sake of hierarchy. People know the future of the company is in their hands. Everybody’s hard work is needed for success. Yet, there is always time to help and support colleagues when needed.

3. Pac Heights 

I got a cute room in a house in beautiful Pacific Heights. The house is right next to #6 and #9 steepest hills in San Francisco, so I warmly welcome my to-be gluteus maximus and thighs of steel. Union street with its little shops and boutiques and Chestnut with its crazy nightlife are just a few blocks away. The rent is high like everywhere in SF but every day when walking out the door I fully enjoy what I’m paying for.

4. My hybrid bike and (Mikko’s) zipcar 

Who needs to own a car, anyway? Biking in San Francisco is fantastic! Just like back in Helsinki, there are no parking difficulties, no traffic jams and no sitting-and-waiting-for-a-packed-bus-to-pick-me-up. Plus it’s excellent sport. For the longer trips we have enjoyed the zipcar service, which btw works really well! 


5. Batch

It is great to share the experience with awesome people. We meet several times a week with Mikko, Puneeth, Sanja, Mikito and Jori, not to mention our circle of many cool new friends. 

 Startup Life -series opens up the everyday life of the interns in San Francisco & Silicon Valley. Once a week, the interns will share their experiences and learnings. Nelli Lähteenmäki is interning for Eucalyptus for the summer. 

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