Bring business cards, have a passion: second Startup Life meetup

– Silicon Valley is a great place to learn, but requires a lot of commitment, efficiency and expertise, whatever you do. Things move fast and you need to be moving even faster. This means for example replying to e-mails in two hours and being able to present yourself in 15 seconds, explains Kristo Ovaska, who just returned from Valley.

Kristo, aside from working with the Startup Life, was also steering the Startup Sauna operations and watched closely the journey of the three pioneer startups AudiodraftOvelin and Dealmachine.

The theme for the second meetup of Startup Life interns was Silicon Valley way of working. In addition to the interns,  Hilla, Miika and Antti from the Stanford Summer Institute Honors program were also welcomed to learn tips and tricks from the experiences of Kristo.

Be quick, polite and persistent

Time is of essence in the NHL of startups and wasting someones time is the ultimate crime.

– People can go on and on for 45 minutes and not realize that they Given the reduced risk to the lender, secured forms of usually offer lower interest rates and higher limits. have lost the interest. Learn to read the body language of the other person.

The culture of giving and getting feedback gets a lot of appraisal from Kristo.

– Often it seems if Finns are brave enough to pitch themselves, they become arrogant.  Be brave, but humble and learn from the critics. In Finland nobody ever tells you that you suck, there’s no feedback and no possibility to learn from you’re mistakes. Don’t be afraid of it: feedback only means they see potential in you, that they feel it’s worth taking time.

Stanford is a mouse-click away

Stanford is a world of it’s own and many of our students are going to experience the academic prestige hands-on. Professors are  personally interested to see their students develop, have tons of industry connections and are willing to help, if they see that the students are working hard.

Stanford has all the resources and networks one could imagine, but they are also opening up their curriculum.  Want proof? Check out the Stanford on iTunes for e.g iPhone development courses , eCorner for inspirational lectures or Steve Blanks Lean Launchpad coursenotes.

For students, who are not yet founders, Kristo’s last advice is two-fold:

– Take business cards with you wherever you go. And have a side project that you’re super passionate about. You’ll blend right in.

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