Announcing the batch 1/2011 interns of Startup Life

Warmly welcoming our first batch of interns to the inaugural Startup Life in Silicon Valley 2011. All the interns have promised to provide us a behind-the-scenes look into the real startup life. Here’s a quick roster of our awesome team – look forward to the in-depth interviews of what, how and why they got to spend the summer in San Francisco!

Nelli Lähteenmäki
Nelli is graduating from Aalto School of Technology with a M.Sc in Industrial Engineering. She’ll be interning at Eucalyptus, helping the company with rockin’ their partnerships and alliances.
Check out.. Nelli’s awesome band & co-founded Symbioosi!
Follow on Twitter: @nellieliina

Jori Lallo
Jori has recently graduated from Aalto School of Technology with a M. Sc in Telecommunications. Jori will be designing & building new features to Convore, one of the graduates from recent YC batch.
Check out… Jori’s projects on Forsst.
Follow on Twitter: @jorilallo

Sanja Scepanovic
Sanja studies Security and Mobile Computing in Aalto School of Science. Sanja comes from the NordSecMob programme and has studied in Tartu as well. She’ll intern at SEVEN helping build tools for their analytics department.
Check out.. Sanja loves cryptology and has experience in Android development!
Follow on Twitter: @miki7s

Mikito Takada
Mikito is a doctoral student at Aalto School of Economics from Information System Science, plus holds a M.A in Cognitive Science. He’s interning at Zendesk to make some Node.js & Erlang kung-fu happen.
Check out.. Mikito’s work in and the HackerNews post that ended up landing him two dozen offers!
Follow him Twitter: @mikitotakada

Mikko Mutanen
Graduating from Aalto School of Art and Desing, Medialab. Mikko is going to intern at Zendesk, building a whole new Facebook integration feature and communicating the product experience to customers.
Check out..Mikko’s amazing design portfolio! 
Follow on Twitter: @mimikou
P.S We have one more almost-confirmed intern joining the ranks, to be announced shortly.

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