Meet the Startuplifers Alumni – Nine Stories of Learning

Startuplifers was founded for the purpose of practical learning. The idea behind was that students and recent graduates could experience the startup culture by working in a startup. During our 8-year existence, we have sent over 200 curious people to tech internships around the globe to experience the fast-paced startup

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These Are the Skills You Need in a Tech Startup

What does it really take to work at a startup in San Francisco or Singapore, two of the world’s fastest tech hubs? 3- hour sleep rhythm and some black magic? Nope.     Quite average tech stack and a curious mind eager to learn. When applying for a startup job abroad

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Bringing our Job Offering to the Next Level with StartX

Big news coming out this week – we’re announcing a new partnership together with StartX, a non-profit accelerator program, and community of founders from Stanford University. Currently, it is ranked as one of the leading startup programs in the US with AngelPad and Y Combinator. This partnership is a natural continuum as

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How to Write a Killer Job Description: Checklist for Startups

A proper job description is relevant, inspiring and well targeted. Although we’ve shared tips to writing superb CVs, exceptional applications and first-class LinkedIn profiles, we haven’t yet shared our knowledge of what makes a killer job description. Here are our best tips.   Make sure your job description contains these

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Exchange or Startuplifers?

Are you thinking about a semester abroad? We conducted a comparison between an exchange and Startuplifers experience to help you find your perfect match.   It’s the time of the year when everybody is browsing through fascinating countries and interesting universities, wondering if they would like to spend an exchange

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