How to work with an agency

How to Work With an Agency

Generally speaking, some companies might not want to use a recruiting agency because they assume they would mainly provide candidates for either entry-level or temporary jobs. Other people might think that agencies can not provide big benefits to workers.  In the vast majority of the cases, both of these assumptions

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How to work for a startup as a remote contractor

Working for a Startup as a Remote Contractor

As people and businesses across the globe have been getting used to remote work, the conventional boundaries have started fading away. With many more startups embracing remote work, we’ve started seeing talent opening themselves to remote work opportunities with companies from the other side of the world. If you’re considering

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How to hire remote workers for your startup

How to Hire Foreign Remote Talent for Your Startup

The ongoing global pandemic has brought about a sudden realization that remote work can actually work. Consequently, startups seem to be increasingly open to hiring remotely. While in many cases that may amount to hiring a neighbor to work from home, many companies are looking across national borders too. However,

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Remote onboarding in startups

Onboarding Remotely in a Startup

Onboarding plays an absolutely crucial role in a new hire’s success and happiness, and consequently on their productivity and fitting to the Team. A good onboarding experience is especially important for remote employees, since they don’t have as many opportunities to integrate themselves into the company’s workflow and to its

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Startuplifers alumnus Tomi Kalmi

Startuplifers Alumnus Tomi Kalmi – Full-Stack Developer at Compound

In this week’s post we get to know Tomi Kalmi, Startuplifers alumnus currently working as a Full-Stack Developer at Compound. In 2019, Tomi joined Chartmetric as their Software Engineer through Startuplifers. Chartmetric is a music analytics platform trusted by the biggest companies in the industry such as Universal Music Group,

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