How to Network in San Francisco? by Lifer Joel

One typical question when moving to a new city is how to find local friends. In San Francisco meeting people is easy. The atmosphere encourages people to talk to each other — I think nice weather and American extrovert culture are main vectors behind this atmosphere. For example, I had

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How to tackle the startup job interview

A well-prepared interview is like setting one foot in the door already. The key points vary a bit depending on the position you’re applying. We conducted the best tips for you to prepare. Be aware of the time difference. The time difference in San Francisco is –10 hours. So 6–9

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J1 company transfer process by Juuso

Text by Juuso Haavisto Disclaimer: The following article is written for the participants of Startuplifers, a Finnish internship program, thus the advice might not be generally applicable for J1 transfers. For Startuplifers anything is possible. Sometimes you see a happy kitten looking at you while commuting, sometimes you run into

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