How it all started

The Startuplifers internship program started in 2011, when a group of students from Aalto University’s entrepreneurial community believed that the best way to improve entrepreneurship and economy in Finland is to work from the ground-up, and change the way young people perceive entrepreneurship. To complete this mission, we have sent ambitious talented students to fast-growing startups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley to experience the world’s biggest startup ecosystem. The goal is to help students learn, get inspired and find the confidence to one day create world changing innovations themselves. And that’s why we do it all non-profit.

The “Lifers” – our alumni – have done just this. They have become entrepreneurs, influencers and true professionals in their fields. We have established a firm community of Startuplifers here in Finland and also in the Bay Area.

The home of Startuplifers is a close startup community built and lead by students.

Members of the community include the world’s leading startup event, the number one accelerator in the Nordics, Baltics, Eastern-Europe and Russia, Europe’s biggest hackaton and best student run entrepreneurship society.